Mandie Manzano Jigsaw Puzzle Art

A beautifully realistic App provides puzzle-piece maneuvering fun for all ages in HD resolution for a stunning artistic experience.

Dazzling artwork and advanced puzzle mechanics collide in this new-age spin on a classic past-time you can enjoy wherever you tote your App-compatible devices!

As the first and only app to feature the lively work of Mandie Manzano, people of all ages are invited to interact with 36 dramatic pieces of artwork in the palm of their hand. The inclusion of ultra HD sharpness illuminate these amazing full-screen pinch-zoomable works displaying fairy tale stories, princesses and mermaids, and a seemingly stained-glass depiction of an adventure on the horizon.

The creators of this puzzle adventure offer a clean, smooth interface which lends itself to an ease-of-use platform. Children and grown-ups alike choose to build these masterpieces in a range of pieces from a 12 to 2000 count! Mandie Manzano Puzzle Art provides a hands-on adventure for the whole family.

As each piece is placed, a truly unique digital painting comes alive! Rotating puzzle pieces is easy and provides a realistic, interactive experience. Every puzzle portion is shadowed, providing the look of a real-life jigsaw.

With the quality of the highly acclaimed artwork of Mandie Manzano in a game which fosters creativity, one could not ask for more in the search for the ultimate brain teaser. A simple in-app guide and the name of each stimulating visual are available in the eleven languages and, thus, the stories told in each painting are far-reaching.


Mandie Manzano art is stained glass come to life. They glow with sun even on cloudy days. Not only is she an incredible artist she’s an amazing person who cares about the people who loves what she does.

Angela Wilson ★★★★★

Mandie’s work is such a light and refreshingly fun take on classic favorites. Working in an industry of artists it’s so nice to see young talent emerging and flourishing that is both accessible and intriguing to collectors of all ages. My entire family loves her work and my girls can’t wait to have their Manzano inspired princess room in the new house we’re building! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Mandie!

Stephanie Kendricks ★★★★★

Mandie Manzano is one of the most gifted artists I know. She takes traditional stories and characters and makes them come alive in a fresh and magical way. Her style, use of color and dimension is unique and refreshing. I love all of her work and my family does too.

Betty Hicks ★★★★★

Mandie Manzano art is one in a million! It’s so unique and beautiful! The stain glass look and beautiful colours bring the scene together to create something magical! Whether it’s fairy tales or one of her custom draws she brings her special touch to each piece!

Jessica Fournier ★★★★★

I LOVE Mandie Manzano’s art! Her style is like looking at your favorite characters through stained glass. Her style is creative, inventive, and unique! It takes a lot for me to obsess over digital art but I get so excited every time her name pops up in my feed! Her work is captivating – and now that I have a piece in my collection (a stunning Frozen print!) I am blown away even more! The quality is flawless! A very talented artist and a very sweet person – what’s not to love?

Toria Mason ★★★★★

I like Ms. Mandie’s art because it reminds me of the sun-catchers I made when I was little, or the stain glass windows in an old church; the pictures are detailed, but they still feel like home.

Bekah Russell ★★★★★

When I first discovered Mandie’s work I was immediately intrigued by her talent. I am always on the look out for artists who provoke inspiration through their artwork, and she has met that quota by far. Each original piece that she shares as an artist, leaves you wanting more. The playfulness of the characters, combined with her immense talent for hand sketching this unique style is astounding. Her passion for art always shines through each piece. I am truly a fan, and a full supporter to this artist and her amazing creations.

Nydia Medrano ★★★★★

Mandie’s art takes you on a fanciful journey through stained glass. Her work is simply beautiful. She is a true talent.

Wendy Walls ★★★★★

I love Mandie Manzano’s art because it’s a beautiful and creative spin on a classic art form! But also the woman behind the art is amazing as well. She holds contests and talks to her fans! I’m proud to have one of her pieces hanging in my room!

Brittony Leigh ★★★★★