Heliconian Dev Log 04: Crew Members and Skills

February 20, 2020
Antti Lehtinen
Sketch of the crew members of the Heliconian.

While performing tasks aboard, the player has to constantly observe who is is doing what and make smart decisions on how to get most out of the crew. Each crew member has a unique skill set. Orion is the captain and is a highly skilled individual who can handle any task aboard. Everyone else has his own specialty and can only perform one task on board. Let’s take a closer look at the roles and skills of the crew members.

Crew Members

  • Orion is a pilot and assumes the role of the captain aboard. He is extremely talented and can take care of any task aboard. Additionally, he is the only crew member who is able to identify enemy spacecraft. He is the most valuable crew member.
  • Rhombus is an ex-military who knows gunship weapons systems like his own pockets. Aboard he assumes the duties of a weapons officer. He can launch torpedoes.
  • E-Sam is a young mechanical engineer who can repair any damage in the propulsion engines or in the hull of the Heliconian.
  • Lumen is a nurse and a naturopath who aboard assumes the duties of a medic. She can treat any wound or sickness.
  • Sirius is a bright and beautiful scientist who is specialized in all things alien lifeforms. Aboard, she can deal with any research task.

While each crew member has his specialty, all crew members can assist others. For example, when there is an enemy in proximity we need Orion or Rhombus to launch torpedoes. However, if we let the whole crew work with them, the launching task is performed much much faster!

Is That All?

The idea of the game is to play with the same crew every time and learn to know their strengths and weaknesses. I’m hoping the players will learn their personalities and will get attached to them. It’s a group of people who need and complement each other. It’s a perfect crew and if one of them is missing, things get difficult fast. It’s very important to take care of each and every crew member. There can never be more than 5 crew members aboard, but if someone dies and stars align… Maybe, just maybe, there is a possibility to find a replacement…if you stay alive long enough…

Thanks so much for reading and as always feedback is very welcome!

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