Heliconian Dev Log 02: Early Visual Design

February 15, 2020
Antti Lehtinen
Early design of the Heliconian

I have been polishing the early prototype and cleared out a few bugs. I have also made the game a little more visual. I draw a rough spaceship layout and even added some propulsion flares. I am sure many would advice against creating any art in such an early phase, because many things are going to change. I can understand that, but for me things are a little bit different. Let me elaborate. I am a creative person and a visual person. Pictures and artwork inspires me. It’s also very rewarding to see artwork in the prototype. It gives me the feeling that things are moving forward fast even though that might not be the case.

Even though the early artwork will probably end up being completely replaced, there is still value in it. The early art feeds my creativity and inspires me. It gets me more excited about the project. It gets me going and things start moving fast on the programming side as well. When I’m inspired, my problem solving skills seem to improve greatly.

Everyone is different. For me just the programming and moving boxes on screen gets tedious and there are times when I need inspiration. And graphics inspires me. Pictures acts as a catalyst for my inspiration. The early art doesn’t have to be perfect, just something that makes the project feel more alive and real.

Early sketches/art serve an another purpose as well. It helps me to mold my vision. My first vision might not be the best and when it is put in the prototype, I start to see how to make it better. It prepares me for the final art direction or creation process.

Thanks for reading!

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